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Overnight Oats, Bacon, and Blueberries

Overnight Oats, Bacon, and Blueberries


1/2cup organic rolled oats, gluten free

2/3 cup Maple Hill 100% grass-fed organic whole milk

1 unsweetened mixed nut butter(alternativeoptions:PB or almond butter)

1 crumbled crispy 6 in. thicksliceorganic pastured raised bacon 5-10 organic blueberries

1 unsweetened shaved coconut 

a few thin slices of banana (optional, for the sweet tooth!)


Step 1

Combine oats and milk into a mason jar.  

Step 2

Let the oats soak for at least 4hrs+ in the refrigerator.   

Step 3

When oats are ready, stir in your choice of nut butter, and top with the rest of the fix’ns; bacon, blueberries, shaved coconut

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