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Strawberry Kefir Wins Mindful Awards Kefir Product of the Year!

We’re always talking about how amazing the 100% grass-fed difference is– not just in nutrition, animal welfare, and soil health, but in taste and quality too. It’s always a treat for us when we’re recognized for just one of those dimensions of 100% grass-fed dairy, but it’s even more of a thrill to be recognized for all of them! Our very own 100% grass-fed strawberry kefir was just named Kefir Product of the Year by the 2024 Mindful Awards Program.

The Mindful Awards Program exists to honor and celebrate companies and their products that– simply put– are mindful of health, planet, and social impacts, all while delivering a great product. We are so happy to sit alongside this year’s winners across a range of categories, and let our delicious, creamy, gut-healthy strawberry kefir shine among them.  

We’re not in it for the accolades, but boy, it feels really nice to hear from others that they see, taste, and feel the heart that our dairy farmers put into their animals and earth to get the best possible dairy. Congrats to our farmers and their herds, because this win is theirs!

Want to find our 100% grass-fed strawberry kefir near you? Just use our product locator.

At Maple Hill, we’ve been committed to regenerative practices since 2009 because we know the highest quality dairy begins with the health of soil, grass, and cows. We believe that 100% grass-fed organic dairy farming done right is the pinnacle of organic, nourishes families with the best nutrition, and leaves the earth better than we found it. We are proud to be selected as a USDA Climate Smart Partner — supporting the production of climate smart commodities throughout the United States. 

Our 100% Grass-fed Organic dairy products include: 100% grass-fed whole milk, 100% grass-fed 2% reduced fat milk, 100% grass-fed butter (salted and unsalted), 100% grass-fed kefir (plain, vanilla, and strawberry), 100% grass-fed greek yogurt (plain and vanilla bean), and 100% grass-fed cream-on-top yogurt (plain and vanilla).


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